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Splashing and Playing Helps Your Baby with Several Important Things

Playing and splashing in water is a great way to:

Build coordination and balance
Help your baby get comfortable with her body
Build muscles
Build strength of lungs, heart and support brain development
Improve sleeping pattern
Improve appetite
Build early water confidence
Follow your baby’s cues when introducing her to the water because each child’s reaction to and comfort level with water is unique.

For example, your child may immediately put her head in the water while your neighbor’s boy hesitates and takes some coaxing to finally do it. Your child may prefer to quietly paddle around while – for your neighbor’s boy – the more splashing there is, the more he laughs.

What seems to be consistently accepted by toddlers is the buoyant feeling they get from being in the water. It’s thrilling to them that they can jump higher and come down softer in water than they can on land.

And then there are children who just don’t want to be wet at all. It’s all about observing reactions and starting at a place where each child is comfortable.

Sometimes games provide great distractions and can have a child playing and splashing in the water without even being aware of it. Imitating favorite water animals is one of the most popular games that helps ease a child into a water comfort zone.

Stay with your child in the water until the child has reached the age where you can be confident in their ability to swim on his own. And then actively supervise your child when they are in the water.

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